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What God Starts, God Completes [Michael A. Milton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I was supposed to have been aborted but that is.
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But perhaps the story gives some sense of how God has reached into the lives of those who were his enemies, reconciled them, and now shares his life and ultimately his glory with them.

4 Bible Reminders that God FINISHES What He Starts

No wonder, then, Paul finishes these verses by describing just how marvelous, how amazing, how exciting all this is. Imagine you were a student in college. Right at the start you were distracted by everything in college life away from the classroom, and you failed your first exam in college.

Now imagine there was no way to retake that exam, no remarking of your work, no way at all to get past that failure. Finally, imagine then how hard it would be to keep going through other courses and taking other exams, always knowing that no matter how well you did now there would be only one final verdict: failure.

God has taken away all early, middle, and late failures. He has dealt with every wrong, every sin, every bad thought and deed.

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God has disposed of everything that went with being enemies of him. Every sin, every failure was laid on Jesus and he died for them all.

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For them all. Nothing unresolved.

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No sins unforgiven. We are free. We are saved. Therefore we boast in God.


We exult in God. This is good news. This is great news. This is the most wonderful news there has ever been. Are you a Northern student? Please enable JavaScript to use the full functionality of the website.

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New Wine Access Leaders Devotions - day 2 - God completes what he starts

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