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I’m the mother of one married daughter, two married sons and one single son.​ I'm definitely more connected to my married daughter than my married sons.​ Why do people say a daughter is always loyal to parents but a son may change after marriage?
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She thought it made sense, but that it was somewhat limited.

A Son Is A Son Till He Takes A Wife: Does the Mother Son Bond End When He Gets Married?

Paul, of course, has his faults. Afroz and I exchange eye rolls when he gets that dog-worrying-a-bone way of endlessly making his point, or, worse, breaks into his victory dance. But you know what? I believe Paul will be as good a husband as he is a son. After all, love is not a zero-sum game.

Besides, I just remembered another proverb:. Kate Stone Lombardi has been a journalist for more than 25 years. Janet Siroto looks at how many of us are relaxing our midlife dress code.

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Now, she successfully lobbies to fight human trafficking and make health care more equitable. Read More. ABC has just greenlighted the return of thirtysomething, the show that encapsulated our angst about finding the balance among marriage, career, and kids. How do you think the characters have fared as they enter sixtysomething? It was kinda scary. Since he started dating my daughter-in-law in college, I noticed the way they spoke to each other as if mimicking a sit-com, parrying smart-aleck remarks rather than conversing calmly.

They waited until they were 29 to marry, and the sarcasm habit only got worse. My job is done, and now I will enjoy seeing my granddaughter whenever possible and hope that in time, my son and I will recover some of the easy closeness that we had for the 18 years he lived in my care! Thanks for sharing this Anne. I have sons myself and con only imagine how hard this has been for you.

But kudos to you for working through it. I hope you do find the closeness again. I have 2 children from a previous marriage. My husband and I have a child together, the first GC for his parents. My parents feel like their responsibility to their grandchildren is to support their parents. This causes many problems.

My husband is 16 months older than his only sibling, his brother. His mother, in a fit of anger, has told me that he will always put her first. She goes to his work to cry about me and tells him not to tell me. I asked her if she would like her MIL to do that? Is keeping secrets good for marital strength? I got the silent treatment.

Thanks Rolanda. Good luck with your MIL. Sounds very difficult. I just wish I knew why…. My oldest son just got married last September the day before my 50th birthday to be exact. I still have my bond with my son, Andrew, but I know his wife comes first. We are a work in progress… I pray that things resolve. I grew up very differently lucky perhaps in a particular area of respecting Mothers and showering them with love and that they have their own category.

Wives have a completely different category as well.

Plenty of love to go around. I feel if we saw it that way it would make it easier to know Wife is her own woman with her own insights and wisdom for her husband and children. I think there can be harmony and balance… I dunno, but your comment gives me hope. My youngest son is engaged.

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I promised that I would try only to give advice when asked. And I told her that they were both intelligent and competent people who could raise their children. I maintain the closeness by remembering that his wife and family are his primary relationship. Never get confused…. My son is not married yet—but I watched my mom honor the new wife as the primary focus and my mom has treated each daughter in law or partner as one of her own. She never judged, never intruded. One of my sisters in law said she feels so lucky when she hears other women complaining about their mothers in law—she loves hers.

And this sister in law has never resented any time my brother gives to helping my mom. Mine did that also. There has been no contact with the ex in over 18 years either. My son never got a bday card, phone calls nothing for 18 years and at the wedding the ex and his wife and their kids were were actually in the wedding party and introduced formally! They had a baby boy that we have never seen but they sent birth announcements so they could get a gift. They live 14 miles away. My husband is the only dad my son ever had. Frequently bought together.

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Pat Hanson Ph. Jane Isay. Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have never in my life, read such garbage.

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This author is self righteous, doesn't believe she can do anything wrong, is unwilling to realize that relationships take compromise and that when her son marries, he has to share his family time between all sets of in laws, not just his own parents. This is not "self help" this is spiraling for the selfish. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I really, really wanted to like this book. I had read all of the reviews, both good and bad, and decided to purchase and read this book with an open mind. I figured even if I didn't see eye to eye with the author I could read the book and glean some insight into my family's dysfunction from her studies on the subject.

This book is awful. It's cringe inducing. The author speaks rambles really in absolutes, it's all black or white. Speaking of her daughter-in-law, "she's totally irrational about everything". Speaking of Borderline Personality Disorder, "many are homosexual", and "many are also alcoholics and drug addicts". She also places a lot of emphasis on physical appearance. She described her son as "having the rippled muscles of a beach Adonis" ick factor and described an overweight bride looking "like a white marshmallow stuffed into a wedding dress". Nothing in this book is her fault, and there is zero introspection.

The author clearly fabricates conversations to tell her story. The author also has zero credentials to be counseling others, and her narcissistic ramblings could cause way more harm than good. Sadly the author espouses her holier-than-thou Christian beliefs throughout this book although most of her vindictive conceited ramblings are grossly un-Christlike.

Wow wow wow WHAT a read this was. I am convinced the author was writing our story. This was a jaw dropper of a book.