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There isn't much awareness or literature about the alpha-gal allergy. Once I saw that the alpha-gal allergy causes a delayed allergic reaction, my symptoms started to make sense. I eat mostly homemade vegetable dishes during the week, then go out with friends on the weekend and eat beef burgers, steaks.

This is why I was feeling terrible every weekend, then starting to come around again by the end of each week. I'm certain I have the alpha-gal allergy. By altering my diet to exclude mammal meat and products including dairy, I've regained my health. If I accidentally get into food with a very small amount of mammal, I develop a sore throat several hours later.

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If I eat a burger, I feel downright sick about hours later, then tired. The next morning I have a headache and feel worn out - as if I ran too far the day before. I drank 16 oz. I had the most severe reaction I've had to anything, and won't be repeating the experiment intestinal distress, sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath. I went to my PCP 8 days ago, to get the alpha-gal blood test.

I would like to know what my numbers are. My nurse practitioner had never heard of the alpha-gal allergy, and asked me what it was. I told her. I then described my symptoms. She said it sounded like that's what I have, and advised that I avoid foods that make me sick. I described the blood test, and asked for it. My PCP doesn't have a contract with a lab that can perform the test, so I'm looking for another doctor. Shopping for food, and eating have become very difficult. There doesn't seem to be any labeling for mammal allergies at all.


Foods that seem like they would be safe aren't. The item listed as "natural flavors" in ingredient lists can be derived from mammal products.

Foods that don't include any mammal products can be made using mammal products as part of the process. I had a reaction to turkey sausages with safe ingredients on the ingredients list. I later found out they're prepared in a natural cow casing. I'm learning what's edible now, but I lost weight in the beginning because I had trouble figuring out what was safe to eat.

There is a lot of conflicting and bad information available about the alpha-gal allergy on the internet. There are some claims about different ways of curing it, but I doubt everything that isn't attached to a study. Hopefully I can find a knowledgeable doctor who has real information. I have friends that have alpha gal. A new tick-borne illness that not enough people know about.

I fear for a lot of people who might get this Illness. With the tick population growing and more and more diseases coming from them, they need to make more vaccines; something to stop this from getting any further. We have to be fearful of even going out camping or walking through the woods; something has to be done. My partner, Pam and I enjoyed a quiet 4th of July at home. She asked me to put my arm around her as we started down the hall toward the back door. I took a few steps and collapsed, losing consciousness in anaphylactic shock.


Chronic fatigue syndrome saps its victims, but new research may find the cause

Fortunately she had the presence of mind to quickly call Apparently I had received a Lone Star tick bite a couple of weeks prior. The multiple doctors which I was treated by seemed reluctant to order the test and appeared to doubt that I could have a tick borne illness. We had to demand that the Alpha-gal allergy test be done. I was finally was tested on July 11th. My test results confirmed that I have a severe alpha -gal allergy.

Class 5, My life is totally changed. Growing up in Arkansas, I have received hundreds of tick bites throughout my life with no issues. I am a 64 year old male. It is hard to believe this is happening now. Research needs to be done. The public needs to be educated and schooled on what to do in the event a friend or family member has a reaction.

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Doctors need to be more proactive and order tests when a patient tells them they have had a tick bite. Insurance companies need to understand it is cheaper to pay for tick borne testing than to pay for ER visits or death claims. Alpha-Gal Syndrome is a tick-borne condition that has changed the life of our family.

We have struggled for 4 years and 3 months with AGS and the challenges it presents. It was not until August that we found a physician who was willing to hear out our concerns and test for a meat allergy. I would like to share our story in a question and answer format as this is the easiest way for my son, 8 years old with AGS, to tell HIS story. In April of , my son was bit by a tick at 4 years old. After removing the tick from his side, he began to develop a whelp over the area.

Complex Partial Epileptic Seizure

A few days passed, and the whelp kept growing until it covered an 8-inch area. Yes, this whelp was huge. As you can imagine, we grew very concerned. The concern mostly stemmed from the fear of Lyme disease.

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We visited our family physician and they tested for Lyme Disease. The whelp never had a bullseye area but because of the severity, the physician decided to treat him for Lyme with antibiotics even though the test results came back negative. We gave him antibiotics for ten days and thought all was well. About a month after his tick bite and treatment, our son began breaking out into hives on his belly and back for no apparent reason. As this began happening more frequently and worse in severity, we began wondering what was going on. We visited the primary care physician and he was just as baffled as us.

Epileptics shouldn't have to fear stigma - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Visit after visit, we could not find the answer to what was causing these reactions. He asked if he had any recent tick bites. I showed him the picture of the whelped bite from a few months before and he began to tell us all about Alpha-Gal Syndrome. We were in complete awe and a little horrified at the mere thought that our child may possibly have something so severe. We followed up with our family care physician and of course, he had never heard of AGS but did refer us to an allergy specialist in the area. During our visit with the allergy specialist, I mentioned AGS and requested that our son be tested.

They did conduct an allergy skin test, but not including any meat just the generics: grass, pollen, bees, mice, peanuts, etc. We left with absolutely no answers and a lot more frustration. Until August of , we were in and out of the ER with reactions that seemed to be a mystery. No doctor we saw had an idea of what was going on. We began feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

In August of , we went to the ER 3 times with each reaction covering our sons bodyarms, legs, chest, back, and face. His lips, eyes, and ears began swelling. He was administered epinephrine while at these visits. The moment of realizing things were getting much was overwhelming; the moment of fearing for how much worse it would get before we found an answer was one of the worst moments in my life.

We had recently switched our son to a new primary care physician, Dr. Anne Marie Tuohy.