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9/22/, All of the tokens enter the battlefield simultaneously. They'll have the same name, color, type and subtype, abilities, power, toughness, and so on.
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Everything is going great until tragedy strikes when one of them is murdered.

Improv is one of those wonderful acting tools that, in recent times, has grown to become painfully overrated and overused. While occasionally, a Robert De Niro or Harvey Keitel might be able to pull it off, improvisation is a tricky thing to make compelling and in the wrong hands, it can be painfully pretentious, dull, and trite.

Parallel Lives is a film that was improved by the wrong hands. Secrets come out, subplot converge, and Treat Williams ends up getting murdered. Jack Klugman shows up as a senile Senator, Mira Sorvino gets to look sexy as hustler Ben Gazzara's blonde girlfriend, and Dudley Moore floats around as some bizarre fantasy creature. Oh, and Jim Belushi's there for some reason. Technically, he's the focus of the film's plot.

Too bad that plot vanishes under a heap of acting exercises. Apparently, director Linda Yellen specializes in making improvised films -- all featuring her all-star gallery of friends attempting to impress us with how witty and insightful they are.

Parallel Lives of Donald Trump

This film has an amazingly diverse cast -- famous non-stars and has-beens continually wander through, creating the impression that the film was shot in a West Hollywood Unemployment agency. Along with those already mentioned, the film features everyone from Liza to Levar Burton to Ally Sheedy to Robert Wagner to a bunch of other actors no sane person would currently pay money to see. Imagine that, folks, 20 or so unimportant actors getting together to make one unimportant movie. Its a pity that with such a huge cast, nobody apparently had anything to say.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Fraternity is having a nostalgic weekend reunion decades after their graduation.

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The girls they went to college with join them. Old flames are rekindled and lives reexamined but reality strikes when one of them is tragically murdered. Director: Linda Yellen. Writers: Gisela Bernice , Linda Yellen story. Added to Watchlist. Hollywood Power Couples. Films I've watched. Use the HTML below.

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Well aware of the solid opposition, Tiberius tried to circumvent the Senate and was murdered, along with followers. His younger brother, Gaius Gracchus, who served as tribune in bce, carried on the struggle for reform. In the conflict that followed, Gaius committed suicide and as many as 3, of his followers were killed. Marius overcame this obstacle by building support among the commoners, courting the very political constituencies cultivated by the Gracchi brothers.

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Marius transformed the Roman army into a professional, all-volunteer force, creating a new breed of soldier who had no farm or work to which he needed to return and so could fight year round and for longer terms of service. Marius and his nephew-in-law Julius Caesar were two such leaders. But in either case, ambitious generals of all stripes now had political power bases in the armies that they led, a situation that made civil war an inevitable method for resolving political disputes. Once securely in power, he worked to restore stability. He even resigned his extraordinary official powers after three years.

When Caesar emerged triumphant, he gave little thought to restoring the Republic but instead began to adopt the symbols of monarchy. This self-promotion had the same alienating effect on the Romans as Alexander had on his people when assuming the trappings of an Eastern potentate. Scholars face the perplexing problem of incomplete works in those that have survived from antiquity, Parallel Lives included.

Whereas … in his love of laughing away serious arguments in judicial cases by jests and facetious remarks … [Cicero] paid too little regard to what was decent…. The power of persuading and governing the people did, indeed, equally belong to both. Usually the Greek sketch precedes the Roman one, and the two are followed by a brief comparison. Forging new ground, the biographies center not only on the man in action but also on his mind and soul. Great figures from Greek and Roman history reveal themselves through a focus on human character tested under the pressure of major historical events and made manifest in everyday incidents.

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Before launching into the life of Alexander, Plutarch cautions the reader to bear in mind that he aims not to write a detailed his-tory but a life story that promotes the discovery of virtue or vice in men and that reveals their characters. Since space prohibits a detailed summary for all the lives, featured here are Alexander and Caesar—the most famous military heroes of Greece and Rome.

Although Plutarch pairs the two together, no comparison of them by him survives. Each pair below lists the Greek hero before the Roman. In parentheses after the names are the centuries in which the heroes scored their principal achievements. All centuries are BCE. Also mythical; wise kings who established the important social customs of their respective peoples.

Each saved his country from invasion yet was forced to endure exile. There is no comparison for this pair. Each was a canny military and political leader whose superior strategic ability averted wartime disaster in Athens, only temporarily. Each had a noble but ill-governed nature; both took reprisal against domestic adversaries to the point of waging war on their own cities.

Success gave way to disaster late in life for both men. Two generals who defeated hitherto invincible foes: for Epaminondas, the foe was Sparta; for Scipio, Hannibal. Both of these lives are lost. Timoleon rescued Sicily from an invasion by Carthage; Aemilius conquered Macedon. Both are depicted as incorruptible. Each was a famous orator who foresaw the major threat to his city but was unable to stop it: for Athens, the threat was domination by Macedon; for Rome, the rise of totalitarian rule. Conquerors of extraordinary achievement, each died without fulfilling his ambitions.

Both overcame exile to lead victorious armies composed of foreign troops; each met his end through treachery. Political figures held up even in their own times as models of incorruptible morality.

Ambitious leaders whose natural greatness of character was perverted by bad influences. Much in Plutarch is unverifiable and some is fanciful. We are told, for example, that Alexander is not given to sensual pleasures and that from very early on, the desire to achieve great things is his driving passion. Philip arranges for Alexander to take tutorials with the philosopher Aristotle. The result is an education in fine works of literature as well as morals, ethics, politics, and rhetoric. Seeking to make an example of the Thebans to all Greece, Alexander surrounds the city with his armies.

The Thebans stand at his mercy yet dare, says Plutarch, to demand that Alexander surrender to them.