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The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones. The eye of a storm is a roughly circular area, typically 30–65 kilometres​.
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However, loss can be greatly minimized by adequate preparation before the storm arrives, including the development and implementation of a comprehensive written windstorm emergency plan.

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If natural catastrophe risk management procedures are not in place, or have not been reviewed, the magnitude of such losses can increase significantly:. Environmental degradation is inspiring a greater sense of urgency amongst businesses of the need for action.

Air Disasters

Forced labour in sectors such as construction, manufacturing and agriculture has been on the rise in the developing countries. From turbulences, drones to cyber business interruptions: What challenges will impact the aviation sector and insurance landscape in future? The aviation insurance industry continues to see a high volume and growing magnitude of claims. We examine the causes and trends.

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The number of fatal accidents in the aviation industry has declined over the past 60 years despite a significant growth in the number of passengers. We look at safety developments in commercial aviation around the world, identify a number of insurance claims trends and risk trends. The airline industry has experienced some of its safest years ever.

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However, the long-term improvement is challenged by a growing number of insurance risks. The modern world runs on algorithms, computer programs that underpin artificial intelligence — and help simplifying workflows. Cyber insurance is one of the most dynamic segments in the insurance industry. We ask our experts on latest trends. Although lightning is not particularly frequent, insurers still have to deal with hundreds of claims a year resulting from strikes. Can drones help risk engineers to better assess and model potential flood risks on construction sites? At the Allianz Center for Technology, the leading research institute for risk engineering at AGCS, damage is an opportunity for knowledge.

How can global businesses mitigate human exploitation? One of the biggest risks that companies face is the loss of a good name. In the eye of the storm. How much can hurricanes and windstorms cost and what can businesses do to mitigate their losses? My account Shop account. Partner account.

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You are logged in as. Sign up. Track your order and view order history. Register account. Use this login to access the supplier closed user group. The storm is now heading straight for Florida, sparking fears for thousands of holidaymakers. Most theme parks there including Disney were this weekend still operating normally, but are monitoring the storm's path. Around 1. Residents were pictured stocking up on emergency supplies like food, water and batteries, while others boarded up homes and businesses to protect them as best they could.

Eye of the storm: report of the Governor's commission to rebuild Texas

As of Sunday evening, there were flight cancellations at Orlando's main airport and an additional 62 at Orlando Sanford International Airport, according to FlightAware. We pay for your stories!

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