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Ever wish you could surprise your wife with your dance moves? All Pro Dad presents to dress the part. Groom yourself like it's your wedding day all over again.
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The Swing.

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Dream inside a Dream. Patchworks Roses and Weeping Cherry Trees. Thunderous Light. And It Was the Beginning. Lessons from the Poets Tree.

The Undiscovered Trail. Voices from the Past. A Chance to Change Things.

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Accepting Significance. The End of a Beginning.

A Glimpse of Oblivion. Songs We Sing at Midnight. Listening to the Silent. Between Fire and Stones. A Path of Ghosts. The Bridge Between. The Day before Sunset. Journeys of the Heart. Sunset under the Poets Tree. The Newspaper. The Orange.

Dancing with my wife again: Greg Grindley on life one year after Brain Surgery Live

A New Century. Melancholy Mile. Second Chances.

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The Poets Tree. Small Signs. Many forms of dancing are moderately-intense exercise, burning from to calories in an hour, similar to brisk walking. Others can be vigorous-intensity exercise. It's common for "Dancing With the Stars" contestants to lose a significant amount of weight from the hours of dance practice.


Dancing together allows the two of you to physically reconnect. As you dance, your eyes meet, your bodies are close together, and you can feel one another breathing. When you dance, your intimate connection grows as well. You hold and touch one another for longer than a quick hug. Your physical and sexual connection will make you both feel more sensual. Dancing can build your self-esteem , which is good for your marriage relationship.

Consider how happy you both will be with one another when you both begin feeling better about your individuality! Couples dance requires trust. Your skills of communication grow when you dance. Dancing is just plain fun. Especially for relationships that have existed for many years, this could be a way to break out of your comfort zone and explore a new activity together. Ready to cha cha? We have some advice.

CG: We have a local indoor waterpark here that we take our kids to right before Christmas every year. So family trips to the waterpark have definitely become easier now!

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You served in the navy for 20 years, and now you serve your local community with the pantry. How has the surgery helped you resume your role again? GG: The surgery gave me back my mobility again, which was something I had lost almost completely. It got so bad I could barely move with the pain in my body, and the muscles in my legs were constantly knotted up.

At the end of the day, my results are way beyond my expectations. GG: Weigh up your options.

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I would say definitely go forward with it. A lot of people are concerned about pain, but you are unconscious for the drilling into your brain. GG: No regrets. For me, it was the best option. The best part about it is I get to dance with my wife now!

9 Reasons Dancing With Your Spouse is the Secret to a Successful Marriage

And I would never let him because, as a guy with balance issues and the shakes, it was a disaster waiting to happen. But, now after DBS, he was finally able to do it and we captured the moment on camera — that picture that was years in the making. Family ties: Greg, Crystal and two of their four children pose for a photo taken in The poll also found that women were more likely to be misdiagnosed than men.

The Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, which is based at the university, uses emerging developments in neuroscience to create innovative new approaches to treating brain conditions. The honour is awarded to UK universities who exhibit groundbreaking and innovative approaches to research — with beneficial results at local, national and global levels.

Family photo: Greg and his family in Loading up: Greg in the pantry.