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Psa. is an Acrostic. (There are several of them throughout the OT). • Paleo (​Ancient)-Hebrew was pictographical. o Aleph = Ox Head.
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You may cause misery, worry, and strife; Yet I'll stand, giving God my life.

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You may cause loneliness, heartache, and sadness; You may contribute to this world's madness. You may make me feel like I'm in the devil's fold; But when you try me, I shall come forth as pure gold. You may try to kill, steal, and destroy; Rob God's people, strip them of their joy. But not me devil, I'm a child of the King. Because God is my Father, I can have anything. Try as you may, you won't win; I won't let you, 'Cause I Got strength from within.

So listen here devil, you didn't accomplish a thing. Login Support. Images Activity Sheets Books Poetry. That can mean so many different things to people, for whatever their struggle is.

Psalm 59: I’m Still Standing

During the more difficult times, I rely more heavily on my sponsor and I am truly grateful for her help. She makes sure I get to my meetings and work my step program. She makes me check in daily and give her a status report on my emotional sobriety. My go-to escape throughout my battle with alcoholism and depression has been hiding in my bed, isolating.

On days when things are rough, I want to just pull the covers over my head and hide, and I often do. Whatever your struggle may be, give yourself a pat on the back for standing strong.

I’m Still Standing | sobrietease

Somedays you may just have to be proud of yourself for getting out of bed. Stand strong. Wonderful post. I know a lot of sober folks who still struggle with depression, and they are quite open about it, like you are here.

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And yes, the black dog sits on them for long or short periods, and they will sleep a lot, or just sit with the depression and just do the best they can. Spoonie-type deals too.

But self-awareness is a big thing, and reaching out as well. Either way, I admire those who also deal with depression and other mental health issues.

enter site I applaud you for still standing and for sharing this with us all. Click your heels together… xx JJ.

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