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Betrayal is a play written by Harold Pinter in Critically regarded as one of the English 1 Setting; 2 Synopsis; 3 Characters; 4 Productions Emma says she found out last night that Robert has betrayed her with other women for years,​.
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Experience loss. Betrayal is among the most devastating losses a person can experience. We live in a culture that is blind to betrayal and intolerant of emotional pain. Loss happens in many experiences and circumstances, and it can affect us deeply. The one who has been betrayed is grieving.

Hurt like hell.

Whether the aftermath is expressed through apologies or being ignored, betrayal hurts like hell. We can heal, but it will have to be in our own time and on our own terms. Brew our anger. Anger is never a good emotion, but sometimes it's necessary to understand the root cause of something. Anger may feel like showing strength, but in reality it shows how much you still care.

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Lose our illusions. Most of us lead lives thinking this is the way things should be, so when things don't go that way, we lose our bearings--even if they were illusory all along. It's a loss that can be especially debilitating. Forgive but not forget. William Blake said it is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. When you care about someone, you can't turn that off because you learn they have betrayed you. It makes for a difficult internal conflict.

Struggle to trust. Trust, once lost, is not easily found. Not in a year, perhaps not even in a lifetime. Once trust is broken it's hard to come by again. Experience everything differently. Old emotions and pain are always at close hand, waiting to remind you that nothing will ever be the same. So you learn to cope with them, control them, and censure them. Hold on to doubt. Doubt causes great pain and kills even strong relationships.

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There are few things more toxic--and if you've been betrayed, doubt is probably a close companion. Live in sadness. The sorrow of betrayal doesn't come all at once but in stages, as you begin to recognize the full extent of what you have lost. Please contact copyright bl.

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What Esslin is alerting us to is the way Betrayal completely transforms our role as readers and spectators by recounting the events largely in reverse chronological order, starting with the end of the affair between Jerry and Emma, and taking us, over the course of nine scenes, back to its beginning.

When we first see Jerry and Emma in Scene 1, set in a pub in , we quickly note their reticence about speaking, and the way their words mirror one another:.

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Jerry Well. Emma How are you?

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  • Jerry All right. Emma You look well. Emma admits she is seeing Casey.

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    All rights reserved. You may not reproduce these Materials in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever. The play progresses in a series of snapshots from the previous nine years, its overall arc taking us back to , when the affair began. The reverse chronology is not smooth though: three scenes take us slightly forward a month or two in a specific year, while the time gap between the scenes sometimes extends to three years as in the final Scenes, 8 and 9.

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    The overall effect is a rhythm of crisis and dilation and a temporal instability as the past is reconstructed for us. What emerges is a sense that all of the characters have betrayed each other: husbands have betrayed wives and vice versa, friends have betrayed friends, by conspiracy or omission, sometimes thoughtlessly, sometimes out of love.

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    As spectators, we observe scenes throughout with the irrealistic foreknowledge of how things will end. Rarely has dramatic irony, where the audience know more than the characters, been used to such devastating effect. The tension in Betrayal is created not by what we know, but when we find out. In this scene, Robert reveals that he learned of the affair between his wife and best friend years ago.

    Arguably then, the play is as much about our role as readers as it is about themes such as friendship, 'homosociality' i.